Why do most long and buzz-filled quotes from execs in corporate publicity read like they were written by committees, consultants, or robots (or all three)?

Because they were and, as a result, few people read them and even less believe or remember anything if they do.

Here are five questions…

The concert hall feels stuffed like an overfilled balloon, or maybe a ripe zit.

Folks are standing along the walls like a bad paint job and some wedged doubled up in their seats. The roar of chatting and laughing competes with a throbbing rhythm of dance music as inflated beach…

New technology is an old idea. We’ve been singing its praises since our caveman ancestors first learned how to grill.

Today’s digital tech is so pervasive that it makes every business a technology company, which makes it particularly hard forth to differentiate based on tech alone. It’s why the most…

My latest creative work is a collection of 12 short stories that use the fantastic to explore the human, everyday dimensions of life at home during the pandemic.

Published on May 20, 2021, you can listen now only at Audible.

All of the PR people I know are running around like I am, making sure they’re getting the job done for their companies or clients. But one thing is making things a lot easier:

Now we get to tell them the truth, and they’re telling the truth to their stakeholders.

Microsoft and IBM have signed the “Rome Call for AI Ethics,” pledging to the Vatican that their AI will protect the planet and its people.

History is filled with secular leaders cutting such deals in exchange for the Church’s sanction for fighting a war newly deemed “holy,” or sometimes simply…

It’s official: Facebook has doubled down on its goal of imposing its radical ideology on the world.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t have been more clear in his comments at a tech conference last week:

“We’re going to stand up for free expression. It’s unfortunate that this is such a controversial…

Jonathan Salem Baskin

Author. Adviser. Agitator. I also write books about technology and brands, short sci-fi stories, and rock musicals.

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