Paradise Lost Reimagined

Earlier this year, I composed and recorded an album based on John Milton’s Paradise Lost. My goal was to “unlock” simple and impactful ideas and images from the 10,000+ lines of poetry and share them in 3-minute rock songs.

I borrowed the text verbatim. The music is my own.

Now, I’m going to perform the songs live in a one-time concert on Tuesday, February 28th, at a club just outside Chicago called SPACE. I’ll be surrounded by wildly talented musicians who will take the music to places I could not have imagined, let alone reached. I am sure Milton will be proud.

Also, the club features table seating and cocktail service, and there’s a really good restaurant attached.

If you’re in the neighborhood and/or know somebody who will be, please consider coming to the show?

Here’s the link to tickets.



Jonathan Salem Baskin

I write books about technology and brands, sci-fi stories, and rock musicals.